Dedicate A Team To Your Content To Maximize ROI

Content is key in getting your message out to your customers, investors and members of your organization. By building a team — instead of only one person — dedicated to creating and distributing effective content — you’ll reap big rewards as your team is able to create targeted content and to measure its effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re serious about growing your company, reaching your audience, and measuring long-term results from your marketing, content is something you’ve got to embrace.
  • Seeing any kind of success from your efforts means committing to content and consistently creating and distributing it to your audience.
  • Budgeting too little and setting unrealistic expectations won’t deliver the quantitative or qualitative ROI you need to see.

“Budgeting too little, setting unrealistic expectations, or asking your marketing director if she can “take care of it” won’t deliver the quantitative or qualitative ROI you and the rest of your executive team need to see.”

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