It’s all about the delivery system…

You can have the greatest product in the world…the greatest content ever, but if you don’t have a delivery system to maintain and sustain that product then you’re not going to go anywhere.

Take for example a U.S. school that is now utilizing stationary bikes in their school learning process. This school in North Carolina figured out that giving the kids a healthy “distraction” while learning was, well, the best way to learn. Children were more alert and enjoyed the overall process of learning much better. Why is that? Because they liked the delivery system. It was something new, something fresh, something innovative.

Well, if you think about it, this idea of a delivery system can be applied in just about any industry we have today. Whether it’s a tech driven industry, or  a consumer product being offered; if the delivery system doesn’t help support it and enable it, well, then…there will be a plethora of issues and problems.

Without the ease of a support delivery system, people will not be interested in a product. Why is that? Well, it doesn’t matter how good the product is or how necessary…if it doesn’t have any support or interesting delivery process, end users will not be interested at all in utilizing it.

So what sort of delivery system/process are you working on to support your own product? Is it conducive to the use of your product? Does it support it? Does it help enable the use of it?

Perhaps this is an aspect of your industry that you haven’t thought of…and perhaps it’s one that you ought to think of now. Much more than just an idea or a product goes into our businesses. We also have to support them and enable them to be used by the end-user.

So…are you supporting your users today by providing them with a delivery system that supports your product, idea, and company?

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