Is Your Desk Under A Stack of Papers?

I’m sure as a busy CEO and business leader that you have a desk much like mine…with a stack of memos, portfolios, and files strewn all over the place. It can be hard to find something…anything most of the time.

And I’m sure you have done the whole straighten up the desk thing…well, we are here to help you straighten it up once again. Why? Because you really ought to…if for anything to just make sure you don’t miss any deadlines or important meetings.

So we have an article to help you out today. It will show you where and how to start, as well as how to maintain. This is important, easy to apply stuff. Take a look and get organized so you can spend more time focusing on what’s really important: leading your business.

Read the full article here: The Desk De-Cluttering Guide For People Who Hate This Sort of Thing

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