Do Leaders Need To Be Likable To Be Effective? Here’s What Science Says

This Article Presents An Idea That If Business Leaders That Are Great And Successful Basically Team Up They Can Break The Charts. They Will Able To Conquer The Business World And Earn Money If Everything Was More Connected. Imagine Business Leaders Coming Together And Helping Each And Everyone In The Community Also The World And Life For People Can Transform Itself. But It Seems To Be An To Be An Impossible Task To Unify It’ll Come With So Much Challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although it is important to be a leader who is liked. Demonstrating politeness, respectfulness, and being a good listener are important factors to consider when measuring the effectiveness of a leadr
  • Trust is regarded as more important than being liked. You may not be the most popular leader, but you cannot violate your colleagues trust.
  • Communication is essential part of being an effective leader. Celebrating good news and providing recognition the right ways is always great.

“To be a truly effective and respected leader, there should not be a big gap between what you say and what you do.”

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