Doing This One Thing Could Help Your Intelligence, Focus and Creativity

In recent years, people have become so engulfed and consumed by their daily lives and the chaos that sometimes ensues, that some of the most basic relaxation and emotion-boosting techniques have been forgotten. Studies have shown that journaling on a regular basis is not only an effective way to boost one’s creativity and emotional intelligence, but that it can also be the key to a more focused, organized, and fulfilling quality of life in their day to day activities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use writing materials that are inspiring and will hold up well.
  • Purchase items that you will enjoy using or that feel good in your hands.
  • Review past entries as a reminder of what is important and what has been stressful.

“developing a daily routing that includes a daily reflection can help entrepreneurs hone one of the most important leadership competencies: self-awareness.”

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