Don’t Be the Chum In the Tank

Do you know what the chum is in a shark tank? It’s the bits and pieces of cut up fish that caretakers feed to the shark. In a show like Shark Tank, this often consists of people who are pitching their ideas (usually quite poorly) to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors.

If you are not watching this show (from time to time…of course, we are not advocating watching every little episode), then you may just well become chum also. Why? Apart from the reality theatrics of the show, one of the most interesting things you can see is how the entrepreneurs think (often out loud) and what moves them to invest.

If you want to see the mind of successful entrepreneurs and investors working right before you, then you may want to think about tuning in.

Read the full article here: Sharkettes Rule the 100th Episode of ‘Shark Tank’

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