Elephant Wrangling

Apple recently had its live event announcement this past week. Many people were underwhelmed with their news of a smaller iteration of the iPhone. However, there was other news that came out of the conference that applies to us and what we do here.

What is that news? It’s how one carries leadership in the midst of controversy.

Since a series of horrific shootings in the California area, Apple has been embroiled in a very public discourse with the FBI. What is the nature of this discourse? The FBI wants Apple to create a back door code to iPhones so the FBI can see into a particular assailants phone,

Apple has responded by saying this tramples on many privacy issues for private citizens. This whole issue has become very public, with CEO Tim Cook posting an open letter on Facebook regarding the issue.

At the conference this past week, rather than beat around the bush, Cook addressed head on the elephant in the room.

We can learn something about this from his example. Do we try to slip controversy under the rug and pretend it’s not there? Or do we put voice to what is on everyone’s mind?

Let’s learn from Tim Cook.


Read the full article here: Tim Cook immediately addressed the elephant in the room at Apple’s event

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