Embrace your fears…

Any time you need to lead an organization, start a business, or branch out with new investments you are undoubtedly going to be anxious. You are stepping into the unknown, the uncharted, the untested.

Anybody in this sort of position would naturally have a certain amount of trepidation. What if things did not work the way you intended? What if the risk is higher than the reward? What if you tarnish not only your companies reputation, but your own as a leader.

Though fear like this may grip anybody, and it is duly understandable, it should not incapacitate. In fact, rather than grip you and paralyze…you should use it to motivate you even further; to push you even harder. In other words, you should grip that fear in your own hands and squeeze it hard.

Today we bring you an article that is about that very concept…and it comes from a bit of an unusual and unexpected source. Yet at the same time, it has a lot of application for the very things we are speaking of here.

It comes to us from the US Navy Seals. It’s about embracing fear, and using it to push you on to the best of your ability. In many ways it’s about reversing that psychological grip that fear has over people, turning it on its head, and using it for good.

Though it sounds at first that this has little do with leadership and being a CEO, trust me on this one…it is in fact one of the most relevant posts you will ever read.

Read the full article here: Fear and the Warrior

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