Emotional Hygiene: Watching How We React and Controlling our Emotions For Business

Here is a fascinating talk from psychologist Guy Winch. He spends time talking about our emotional responses to situations and circumstances.

One thing he notes in all of this is how our physical health is watched over in a very real sense. We visit the doctor, we watch what we eat, we exercise. When we are injured we nurse that injury and get back to health as quickly as possible.

In a very real sense, we face emotional injuries every day, numerous times throughout the day. We face rejection and ridicule. The problem is, we don’t spend time caring for such injuries as these.

In business, this type of rejection goes on regularly. If we are not careful, these rejections will impact us more and more. So what can we do? Well, for one, take a look at his video today and see the suggestions he has for facing and dealing with rejection.

This is the first place to start.


Watch: Guy Winch:The Case for Emotional Hygiene


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