Employee Engagement and the Leadership Code of Conduct



Since US employers lose about $350 billion every year to a lack of employee engagement, it’s clear that leaders in every industry need to make it a priority to make sure their team members are committed, engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs. It should also be clear that, to the widespread nature of the problem, it’s no easy thing to keep workers engaged. This insightful Forbes article offers an interesting solution to the problem; the writer posits that executives must cultivate a culture of leadership within their companies in the best way to do that is with a leadership code of conduct.

The fact is, no matter how committed and accessible they are, no executive of a large corporation can directly oversee all of the company’s operations. They have to depend on their various division managers to keep their respective staffs focused and motivated. A leadership code of conduct, which should ideally reflect your company’s brand identity, should outline your expectations for every leader in your company. It should also outline how you expect those leaders to lead and should stress the importance of positive traits such as accountability, accessibility, decisiveness and most importantly, engagement. Follow the link below to learn more about how a leadership code of conduct can boost engagement among your employees.

Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecomaford/2016/04/16/the-one-mistake-leaders-make-that-kills-employee-engagement/#10817f7bc991

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