Fearing Public Speaking

One of the biggest aspects of your duty as a CEO is to lead. Leading can and is done in a multiple amount of ways. There is the leading that is done behind the scenes when board meetings need to be prepared and business meetings need to be had.

There is also the leading that is done in front of people, when board meetings need to be accomplished and shareholder meetings need to be had.

These days, more and more CEOs are also doing very public meetings where visions, goals and agendas are shared with the public community as a whole.

With this shifting responsibility of a CEO, one thing that can be a major set back is if you have a fear of public speaking. It’s clear that “public” from the above situations can be multiple things.

It’s one thing to speak to your Board members, it’s an entirely other thing to speak to the mass public. You may be comfortable in one setting, but entirely uncomfortable in another.

With this shifting tide in public speaking, it’s now more important than ever to really work on that fear of expressing oneself. To help with that we have this helpful article today. Take a look and put its suggestions into action.


Read the full article here: How you can finally conquer your fear of public speaking

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