Fitness and Leadership: Is There a Connection?

A recent research project looked specifically at the idea and concept of leadership in the boardroom against the leader’s own personal level of physical fitness. What did this study find? Simply put, the more physically fit an individual was, the more of a visibly outspoken leader he appeared to be.

Now, to be clear, this study does not assess one’s ability to lead. Only quantifiable evidence, like profit/loss reports, would be able to assess a leader’s actual ability to lead. What then, did it assess?

It assesses the individual’s own self-perception as well as the perception of others. What this means, in essence is, does the individual in question appear to possess the ability to lead others, and will those others readily follow.

This becomes a crucial question for ourselves as we consider our ability to lead. Will others follow? What motivates them to follow?

The study finds that both a confident leader and one who appears, at least outwardly, to be physically able is regarded as one to follow. This study, then, found a direct correlation between fitness and leadership. Leaders were pooled and sent through a fitness regime known as CrossFit. The more they excelled in the gym, the more confident they visibly appeared to people in the boardroom.

What does all of this simply translate to? Maybe it’s time for us to hit the gym regularly and work on our outward leadership abilities. As we do so, we will foster confidence inwardly for the road ahead.

Read the full article here: Ties Between Fitness and Leadership

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