Five Pro Tips To Beat Procrastination Every Time

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It is a popular pursuit to find the best ways for a business to increase productivity. This post talks about how to determine how you will beat it. The first step is to find the real reason you may be procrastinating working hard. Other tips include making ways to make your tasks more appealing and more manageable to work on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Among worldwide studies, the average worker reports wasting 40% of their time on procrastination, amounting to some 832 hours per worker per year.
  • After realizing WHY a person is procrastinating, they can make a to-do list with a time limit, make work more appealing by rewarding oneself, and involving friends to help.
  • Discussing SUCCESS with a co-worker, a friend at work, can greatly motivate a person and change their attitude toward work once the job is done

“So go ahead and give in to your urge to stop pushing toward a deadline. Just be sure you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of time sucks, and still do a less essential but necessary task.”

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