In a fast paced world such as our own, change is inevitable. You, yourself, have probably experienced such change numerous times in your life. Perhaps it has been the transition from one job to another, or even further from the corporate world to that of entrepreneurship.

How have you been able to handle such transitions? Has it been difficult to process? What challenges does it pose for you? Maybe that’s a question you have had a hard time processing as of late.

Here to help is a podcast from Michael Hyatt on this very issue.

Some of the questions dealt with during this podcast are:

  1. Matthew asked, “Over the next few years, I’d like to transition from the corporate world to working for myself. What types of things should I be doing right now to prepare, and then how will I know that I’m ready to take that big step?”

  2. Kyle asked, “Do you have any suggestions for someone like me who has very limited time to build a platform?

Perhaps you’ll find this helpful as you go through the process of transition in your own work life.

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