Game Theory and Business

Anyone who has been in business and business leadership for any amount of time will tell you the same thing; business is about gaming the industry. What does this mean? It means that business is oftentimes a series of intricate chess moves being made on the board of industry.

What better way, then, to learn about these moves then by analyzing some of the strategies and theories of the best gamers out there. These theories come from chess players as well as other types of games. Think this is childish? Think again. Once you learn how intricate some of the planning and competition is in these games you’ll soon realize how incredibly challenging and motivating these theories can be.

But the payoff comes when you begin to apply and use these theories in the everyday business that you are leading. See how they apply and what you can do to use them to your advantage and your continual growth in your industry. So don’t look down on them as if they are simple child’s play. Rather, see them for what they are and how they are going to increase your strategic moving in the midst of your business today.


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