Google Is Driving Towards the Future…Are You?

Today we bring you an article put together by the people over at It’s an article that really asks 16 experts to weigh in on the future of Google.

Now, before you shut me down thinking, “What are you talking about, Google is here to stay,” just hear me out, because that’s not what we mean by the future.

Clearly the search engine giant has already nailed and cornered the market on that platform. And for years now they have been building themselves out in various ways. First with internet browser software (Chrome), then with phones (Android), and now with self-driving smart cars. It seems that google has its hands in all walks of life.

So when we talk about the future, what we mean to ask is, “Where is this innovative company going to take us next in 2015?” And the answer is given from the perspective of these various experts. For example, Marcus Miller of Bowler Hat believes that personalized search results will be high on the agenda at google. And this is a new trend: not just simply results, but personalization of said results to specific individuals.

With that said and the interesting look that each of these industry leaders have on google, we must ask the question…where are you going next year? But I wonder if it’s better to do the same thing that this article does: take a panel of people and see what their own individualized responses may be. You never know, you may be quite surprised by their insight and passion for your company.

Read the full article here: What Will Google Be Like In 2015?

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