Google Enters Star Trek Territory

  • Snapchat makes MyAI chatbot feature, powered by ChatGPT, available to all 363 million of their users. This is just a drop in the bucket as you start to see more platforms and apps integrate AI into their apps.
  • Google is entering into Star Trek territory with the merging of their Google Brain and DeepMind teams to focus on using AI to address humankind’s most urgent needs.
  • All the AI models we’re seeing (including OpenAI’s ChatGPT) are trained on massive amounts of data. Usually, other people’s data. So, StackOverfow is following Reddit and will start to charge AI companies to access their site’s data for training.
  • As AI development ramps up drastically, it’s a resource-heavy activity and cloud providers are having a tough time keeping up.
  • Why The AI Edge doesn’t list tools anymore: when I initially started this newsletter, I was VERY excited with all the new AI developments, but now there are just far too many AI tools being launched EVERY week to justify trying to list them. Other sites do a good job (and having a hard time keeping up too!).

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