Grinding Out the Annual Strategy Report…again, and again, and again

You know that feeling, the end of the fiscal year is approaching, or for some…the end of the calendar year approaches and suddenly eyes, heads, ears turn to the annual strategy report process. You know that feeling well…where are we going next year? How will we meet these objectives? What’s our vision, goal, mission, our statement? That’s right…we need to come up with a new mission statement and vision. Wait, what’s the difference? Such thoughts can even be paralyzing. But what if I was to tell you there’s a better way, a more satisfying way of casting the vision of your company not simply once a year, but on a regular and continual basis? What if I was to say let’s ditch the annual strategy report and go for something that is more organic and moving with the company in the midst of its life right now? Well, in today’s article we want to point you to such thoughts for your consideration. Have a look and see how you might be able to ditch the paralyzing fear of prepping that annual report. Read the full article here: Free Your Strategy From Annual Planning

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