A How-To Guide on Being a Creative Manager


In the current paradigm, managers are valued for their decisiveness, their ability to wield authority and their willingness to accept responsibility. However, there is another quality of a less tangible nature that has a big impact on a manager’s capacity to generate success: their creativity. This Fast Company feature takes a deep dive into defining the six skills creative managers need to cultivate in order to be the most effective leaders possible.

The first and most important skill creative managers need is the ability to create an environment where creativity is encouraged.

In practical terms, this means providing your employees with the respect and support they need in order to feel comfortable enough to explore their creative sides. If the wrong tone is set, your employees will feel confident enough to sleep in your brain trust won’t have enough innovative ideas to tackle the problems presented by the modern marketplace. Another important quality that creative managers need to have is patients.

The fact the matter is creativity cannot be forced and setting timelines that are too tight to allow your team to really get their heads around a problem will stifle innovation and will eventually cause otherwise engaged employees to become disaffected and disinterested.

Read the full article here: http://www.fastcompany.com/3059779/your-most-productive-self/6-habits-of-creative-managers

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