Happy At Work!

Ted brings us 11 books to make us happier at work today.

Why is this so important? Well, simply put…not only do you lead the company in terms of vision and direction, but you also lead it in terms of disposition.

As you are at work with your employees, they will feed off of your mood and sentiment. If you are angry and hostile, the workplace is bound to reflect that to some degree or another. It doesn’t necessarily mean it, too, will be an angry and hostile place. But it does mean that it may be a dark and brooding atmosphere.

What does this lead to?

For one thing, it leads to difficulty in the workplace. Such somber moods can dampen the drive and intensity of your work culture and office.

It’s for this reason that it is very important to keep a keen eye not only on your direction, but your disposition, as well.

Reflecting a happy and easy going attitude will serve to lift the spirits and perspectives of your work force. This will in turn lead to a progressive and productive workplace.

To help, then, with that disposition we have a list of recommended books that are sure to get you happy at work.

Read the full article here: The Happy Secret to Better Work

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