Here’s What Happened When I Started Writing “Anti-To-Do Lists”

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To-Do Lists can be the greatest organization tool, but can be overwhelming if you are a avid to-do list maker. What if you are like a lot of people are your list is left unaccomplished for the day? Do you ask your self what you have been doing all day? A great way to get passed the daunting to do list switch to anti-to do list and focus on what you have already accomplished that day.

Key Takeaways:

  • It helps me to feel focused, organized, and like I have a decent plan of attack for my day.
  • Rather than writing down things you need to do, you write down the things you’ve already done—whether they’re big projects or little action items.
  • I plan to maintain two lists: One that’s traditional, and one that acts as a reminder of my accomplishments.

“Unfortunately, this situation is all too familiar to most of us. Yes, in some cases, writing your to-dos down is great for keeping you on track. But there are also far too many times when it only serves to make you feel plain ol’ crappy. Even if you put in a solid day’s work, you’re forced to focus on all of the things that you didn’t manage to get done—and you completely forget about anything you actually did get accomplished (particularly if it wasn’t on your calendar to begin with!).”

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