Here’s What the Pros Are Saying About Your Professional Body Language

Body language is still very important component in today’s business culture. Standing tall sitting up straight are all confirmed by medical studies to help one feel better about themselves. Body language can also reveal something about ourselves, for example slouched shoulders may indicate that we are stressed. Clothing is also very important and helps our projection, therefore it is wholly important to make sure that clothing fits well. Perceptions people make of you are also made by the way you speak. It is critical that you speak in a style that appears natural rather than forced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Body language gives continual clues as to what other people think about us and reveals what’s going on in our minds as well
  • Most people decode emotions through gestures. So, it may not be what you say but the way you say it that counts
  • Without realizing it, you can confirm yourself as the “top dog,” provoke an argument, close a deal, or completely destroy your authority through your unconscious physical cues.

“Despite a more casual business culture in which we Uber our way to a meeting and wear ripped jeans in an incubator, the way you carry yourself speaks volumes about you–and whether other people take you seriously or not.”

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