Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About People Stealing Your Ideas

You should not worry about people stealing your ideas. There is a story out there about the maker of Xerox not being able to get anyone to buy into his idea. But, he finally found something for himself and he ended up being part of a very successful company. If you want your idea to amount to anything, then you are better of sharing it with others. A great idea is not enough. It takes more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since even the best ideas have to be sold and resold, if not jammed down the gullet of possible investors, it’s useless to worry about others stealing it.
  • It’s actually not unusual for true innovators to be regarded as cranks and weirdos long before they achieve note as the ahead-of-the-curve thinkers they are.
  • Often great ideas upend conventional ideas and operate outside of business models, making a tough skin and a willingness to keep plugging and selling essential.

“By sharing your ideas and listening to others share theirs, you increase your access to knowledge and insights.”

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