How Business Leaders Get Ahead By Making Time For Passion Projects

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Often, business leaders get a reputation for being cold, calculating people with no interest in passion projects. But actually, many business leaders are trying to involve themselves in more passion projects, because they can reap unexpected rewards. Take a look at what motivates business leaders to spend time on passion projects, and what they get out of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • From chasing storms to teaching soccer, these six business leaders make the most of their nonworking hours.
  • Many never make it out of the shelter and are euthanized. So she decided to rescue a few.
  • I found that my skills and experience in my everyday job of running a film editing company and, prior to that, as an ad agency producer, easily translated to rescuing pups.

“Being able to analyze models and forecasts in advance of an event as well as confidently make the right decision to stay near a storm while at a safe distance are all critical requirements.”

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