How Do You Know Someone Is An Exceptional Leader? Look For Any Of These 7 Signs

To keep employees engaged at work leaders need to do the following seven things.
1) Leaders need to remind their employees how their work makes a different to people and socieity. This will make employees happy as they have a sense of purpose in their work.
2) Leaders need to focus on the employee’s well being and not theirs. They need to provide for their employee’s needs and be willing to connect with them at the same level.
3) Leaders should create an atmosphere of encourangement and not fear. This will give the employees freedom to express themselves, but at the same time leaders should provide constructive feedback to guide their employees.
4) Leaders should reward their employee’s good performance. This will motivate them to perform at a high level because they see the link between a good job and rewards.
5) Leaders should clearly communicate to employees what their goals and expections are for them.
6) Leaders should coach their employees providing mutual and positive dialogue that will help the employee grow in their job.
7) Leaders should provide their employees with a certain level of decision making to help direct their company or work in the direction they see fitting.

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