How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time

Managers struggle to cultivate a fun work environment while also directing a high performing efficient team. A recent study showed leaders under age 30 were more likely to bring this dream to life. Additionally, supervisors were considerably better at this balance than senior managers. These leaders communicate well with their teams and work hard to inspire and motivate them. They also have the rare combination of being both coach-able and able to shape and mold others. This type of environment is rare, but it is well worth striving for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Well trained staff are far more productive than those who are not trained. Take the time to develop your people.
  • A good leader will inspire trust and model a high level of integrity.
  • Clear communication is key. Knowing what expectation is and engaging staff to accomplish the goal is import.

“We found that leaders who were under 30 years of age were two to three times as likely to be effective at both results and engagement than their older compatriots.”

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