How the Culture of Overwork Is Damaging Your Productivity and Your Health

The idea of overworking one’s self is something that has erupted in recent years, as the patterns towards extreme productivity and growth have overtaken the work and life balance. This culture of excessive working has had some detrimental impacts on the health and mentality of many employees, and if not kept in check, can further damage the business. In order to remain prosperous, it is crucial to understand how this culture operates in order to avoid pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being over worked makes it hard for people to relax and take down time with their family, damaging relationships.
  • People who are over worked are not able to step back from the pressure of work and often suffer from stress and anxiety.
  • If you take regular work breaks you are able to come back to work and really give it your all.

“Combine that with the fact that work emails are checked around the clock thanks to constantly improving technology and the newly named phenomenon of “telepressure,” and you have a culture of overwork, which values people based on how many hours they log, how few breaks they take and how much effort they expend.”

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