How These 16 Words Affect Your Close Rate

There are 16 words that affect your closing rate. Research has shown that overusing filler words creates a very slightly negative perception of the speaker. The question still remains on whether, or not filer words actually have a meaningful impact on sales outcomes. Salespeople pride themselves on being great communicators. Filler words make most people;e cringe. However, pro communicators can be quite picky. We think that getting rid of filler words will help sales, but it might not.

Key Takeaways:

  • As it turns out, this list of annoying filler words has no correlation with the success of sales calls.
  • In other words: Top sales reps don’t use filler words less often (or in different ways) than their peers.
  • One thing we did find was women use filler words 5% more often — and differently — than men do (a small testament that women sell differently than men?).

“To sum up, filler words on sales calls don’t seem to have an impact on key sales outcomes — at least none that we could find.”

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