How To Avoid The 4 Sins of Meetings

When attending meetings, one should keep in mind 4 general faux-pas that are often committed during work meetings. These “sins” include: failing to engage in the meeting and one’s coworkers while at a meeting, wasting time not staying on task or talking about things that do not have use to the purpose of the meeting, becoming distracted at the meeting, and finally, lateness. These “sins” can be easily avoided by reminding oneself of the importance of the meeting and his or her importance to the general success of the meeting.

Key Takeaways:

  • As well as having an agenda, you need to stay on time within the meeting. Appoint a time keeper if you are going to struggle to manage that as well as chairing the meeting and taking notes
  • Timekeeping in general is another issue that Lewis considers a meeting sin. He proposes that you build a reputation for being on time and starting on time.
  • Just start your meeting, regardless of whether all the people are there or not. You can work on bits of the agenda that don’t need them while you wait for people critical to other agenda points.

“Decide if you really need a meeting at all. If you can achieve the same objective without a meeting, then cancel it.”

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