How To Build Great Relationships With Mentors And Advisors

Mentors are conferred and liberal with the exhortation, experience, or presentations, yet don’t ensure particular measures of time, consistently planned gatherings or deliverables. This doesn’t avert value-based connections or business associations developing from the underlying guide/mentee dynamic, however, the aim of the underlying relationship is not value-based or with an option motivation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentors are committed and generous with advice, experience, or introductions, but don’t guarantee any specific amounts of time, regularly scheduled meetings or deliverables.
  • A mentor is an informal relationship.
  • Great businesses are built with a lot of effort and a handful of key decisions.

“Great businesses are built with a lot of effort and a handful of key decisions. Effective relationships with mentors, advisors, and directors are based upon four main areas of concern and agreement between the parties; the Relationship, Value, Time Horizon, and Compensation.”

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