How to Coax Leaders Out of Your Employees

It is not always easy hiring a natural leader but there are ways to help your employee move on to the path of leadership. First, it is important hire someone you can see becoming a leader. Then, you can give your new hire more and more responsibilities and see how he manages. If he lacks confidence at times it is important for you to encourage. If you invest some of your own time it can pay dividends in the long run.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people are natural leaders, but the best leaders don’t always wear it on their sleeves. I take hiring decisions seriously, and I’ve always strongly believed in hiring from the inside.
  • Since I value loyalty within my company, it’s always been important for me to find leaders among people who weren’t originally hired into leadership positions
  • If one doesn’t have past experience with leadership, it can be an incredibly intimidating proposition to try to get others rallying around a common goal.

“By looking within your company for potential leaders, and giving these individuals the support they need to grow and thrive, you can build leaders who know your business inside and out, and care about loyalty just as much as you do.”

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