How To Communicate Effectively When You’ve Got No Time For Meetings

If you can’t have meetings, there are still ways to communicate essential information. One way is to only communicate regularly with those who need, make a list of those people and let everyone else know they’ll receive info as they need it or ask for it. Use the the phone for individual conversations with those who might be more challenging to work with. Communication doesn’t have to happen with everyone at the same time. You can improve e-mail status updates, use newsletters, a monthly report or make use of built in software helps you already have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders have to find a way to communicate with their team whenever possible. Some people may find that they just don’t have time for meetings either.
  • There are ways to communicate effectively with team members without a meeting. Keep others in the loop and remind people about the progress being made.
  • Set goals and monitor them regularly for success to be achieved if possible. Contributing members will want to voice their opinion about ongoing problems too.

“Emails don’t have to be a black hole. In my experience emails get read if they are short, targeted and people know what they are before they open then.”

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