The Most Important Question to Ask…

What is it you are trying to accomplish? What is it you want this meeting to do? Ask that simple question from the very beginning, before any meeting even starts…before you even step in the room, and you will be setting yourself up for success.

Success in meetings, communication, interpersonals…it all starts with intent. What is your intent in this meeting. What do you want to get out of it, or what do you want to instill in the other person you are meeting. These are all extremely important questions and they will, if answered before a meeting takes place, drive you towards success.

To help you, take a look at these helpful questions to ask from today’s article at inc.:

Ask yourself, What’s the one thing . . .

  • That will make this meeting successful for the other people participating? (How will you meet participants’ needs?)

  • People will remember? (How will you make an impression?)

  • You can do to make the experience memorable? (How can you create a compelling, engaging experience?)

  • To avoid? (What dynamic do you want to guard against? What are the risks you need to manage?)

  • That needs to happen afterwards? (What are the action steps?)

For more on this, read today’s article from inc.

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