How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant and Why Everyone Should Have One

A website for entrepreneurs offers a piece on how to go about hiring a virtual assistant. This is an off site individual that will assist the executive in various tasks, such as arranging meetings, editing memos, and looking up information about cities the executive will be visiting. The writer has several tips on hiring the right person. They include having an interview, putting attention checks into an application, and having a basic test. He suggests a trial period.

Key Takeaways:

  • The article recommends hiring a virtual assistant. Can teach you how to organize a team, be more efficient and delegate tasks
  • Interview many and offer a 2 week trial to new hires
  • Also be clear about what the job entitles, fully explain tasks step by step.

“Since you will get a lot of applications from other countries, you have to ensure that they have a command of the English language to communicate with you easily. Jump on a quick audio or video call to assess their level.”

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