How to Identify Growth Potential During the Recruiting Process

When recruiting for a position, hiring managers should look not just for high performance employees but for employees who can create growth opportunities for themselves and the business over time. Recruiters shouldu go beyond questions about fit and day-to-day performance to identify candidates who can create growth. Identify such candidates by asking about the changes they’ve implemented in past positions and about occasions when they’ve had to demonstrate real grit and perseverance to achieve goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Providing tangible evidence of past experiences is what recruiters look for most.
  • Grit, curiosity and presence are the key leadership attributes for recruiters.
  • High performance in a job role does not always translate to leadership success.

“If a candidate cannot provide evidence of what he or she has created, changed or initiated, there is hardly a chance that that person will possess dynamic growth potential.”

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