How to Overcome Hiring Badly

Most companies have bad hiring experiences because they hire too quickly when they need to fill a position. This leads to mistake costing at least $200,000. One way to lower the possibility of a bad hire is to have a standardized hiring process. Perhaps a year-long orientation process would ,also, help keep newly hired employees. Make the new hired feel welcome by introducing them to key staff and take them on a tour of the facilities. The manager should schedule meeting with the new employee to discuss how they are adjusting to their new job.

Key Takeaways:

  • A hiring process that is same across the board is one important way to have success in hiring.
  • Look beyond hard qualifications to find out who is being hired.Some skills and attitudes won’t show up on a resume.
  • Once hired, it is important to help the new hire adjust and acclimate.

“Too often, hiring managers are so anxious to put a body in the vacant chair that they overlook candidates’ flaws and end up hiring someone who really doesn’t meet the needs of the job, CareerBuilder noted.”

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