How To Recover From The 5 Stages Of Inbox Grief

There are ways to recover from the 5 stages of inbox grief. The first stage of inbox grief is denial. You will ask yourself how you could possibly be getting these many emails every single day. You can go to bed and then dozens appear overnight. You can go into the bathroom and then see many more.

Key Takeaways:

  • I have recently been mourning the death of my “me” time at the hands of an insidious time killer – my email inbox.
  • Denial. How can I possibly be getting this many emails each day? I go to bed and dozens appear overnight. Step into the restroom and receive another twenty.
  • Take a meeting without multitasking? The dam bursts and dozens appear – some requiring just a quick reply but others posing questions which will require a more thoughtful (and time-consuming) response.

“Stepping away from your inbox is a healthy and necessary action to take.”

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