How To Influence People

Resized_19523838_s_colorBy now you know of the seminal book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is a great book for people in business leadership because it really goes over the requisite skills for social interaction.

As you know far too well, social interaction is in many ways the place where business is done these days. Whether you are making connections during a casual dinner, or closing deals at a gala function…your social life might as well be an extension of your business life.

Well, for the most part, we spend time in the first half of this book…working out the details of remembering somebody’s name and memorizing aspects of our encounter with them for easy recall at a later time.

But the second half of the book, how to influence people, ought to be a primary concern for us as well. We want to be a positive influence for them in our business dealings, so we would do well to remember that influencing process.

Take some time today to review what it means to influence somebody.


Read the full article here: How To Win Friends and Influence People is Good, But…

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