Rallying the Troops

With all the buzz of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that was recently going on, one video has emerged online of a leader, well…leading his troops.

This employee of Target musters his fellow employees to prepare for the shopping frenzy that is “Black Friday.”

Now, why do we have a video here about Black Friday? Well, it’s not so much the issue of Black Friday that we concern ourselves with, but rather how this employee encourages and inspires his “troops” to prepare for the epic day that is Black Friday.

Have you been in the position of having to encourage your own employees? Well, what if I were to tell you that in fact you are in that position daily. How do you do it? What vibe and feel do they get from you, your energy, and the look on your face?

Your own exuberance for the business can go a long with in terms of your leadership and overall direction. Have a look here, and see how one employee works the passions, emotions, and general attitudes of his fellow employees. Get some ideas, and lead on…

Watch: This is Target! Black Friday Pep Talk!


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