Why Leaders Need to Prioritize Employee Engagement


In recent years, a number of studies of found that workplace disengagement costs the US economy several hundred billion dollars every year. While older management strategies recommended that executives be more concerned about their employees productivity them their happiness, the costs associated with workers who disengage, sow discontent and eventually burnout are simply too staggering to ignore.

A recent Fast Company piece examines the phenomenon of employee disengagement and leaders across every industry can address this critical issue.

To start, the piece a pins a long-held management orthodoxy; that happy employees are necessarily engaged employees. According to the leading consultant firm BI worldwide, employees who are content and enthusiastic will almost always produce better results than those who are simply inundated with assignments.

The piece also busts the myth that employees who seem highly social and cheery aren’t as hard-working as their more reserved contemporaries. The reality is, leaders who are not focused on optimizing employee contentment are effectively polishing the brass while the ship’s taking on water.

Read the full article here: http://www.fastcompany.com/3059482/your-most-productive-self/four-myths-most-bosses-believe-about-employee-engagement

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