Embracing the Future

Apple’s Pay program started this past Monday, and updates have been rolling out to the ios platform. Reports are now coming that both American Express and Visa have embraced the pay program and are enthusiastically pushing it to their customers.

Is this a sign of the future and where pay programs and the wallet are going? Perhaps. But here’s the interesting thing: Apple is the one who’s creating this future for themselves.

As a leader in the technology industry for decades, Apple inc. has been on the forefront of not only hardware, but software as well. Wit this recent release of ios 8 they introduced their new pay program, which is meant to be an alternative to the traditional wallet.

As a progressive leader in the industry, others will surely follow. Apple is not laying groundwork for a new system, they are paving the way. What’s the difference? They don’t look back to see who’s following them and who is going to build up and progress the system they are putting in place.

Rather, they are the ones who push forward and who control the industry. As they lead, others will follow.

So much for us to learn here. Leadership is just that…standing out in front, knowing where you are going, knowing how to get there, and getting there regardless of where others are. As you lead, they will follow.

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