Leadership, Gender, And Grit: An Interview With Daina Middleton

A national conversation was started with Sheryl Sandburg’s Lean in however she is not the first to bring up gender inequality in our workplace. Daina Middletown brings up many of the same concerns in her book Grace Meets Grit: How to Bring Out the Remarkable, Courageous Leader Within. Middletown is the Head of Leadership at Development at Larcen Consulting Group.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sheryl Sandberg may have started a national conversation with Lean In, but she was hardly the first person to notice gender inequalities in the workplace.
  • Many if not most of us with experience in the corporate world have seen the pernicious double standard play out at one point or another.
  • A guy barks out an order and he is treated like someone who is in charge and a leader. But when a woman communicates in the exact same way, she’s immediately labeled assertive, dominating, aggressive, and overbearing.

“Transformational leaders understand how to motivate people to follow them by touching their hearts and minds and focusing on the relationship. While women more often exhibit the characteristics of transformational leadership naturally, the leadership style is actually androgynous, meaning it incorporates both masculine and feminine behaviors.”


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