Learning to Lead

Here’s a great talk on the issue of leading and how to lead. As a CEO there is one thing that is inevitable and unavoidable. What’s that? You lead. You are going to lead others and you are going to lead a company.

How do you lead? It seems that a lot of people have a lot of ideas about leadership these days. One that you might wan to listen and follow, is this one we have for you from Stanley McChrystal, an army veteran who likens leading to his time in the military.

This is a great watch with a very instructional message. It just may help you in your own understanding and pursuit of leadership.

Leadership is an important aspect of everything you do. People will look to you and how you lead and even learn from you. So let’s learn today, ourselves, how we ought to learn in order to lead others.


Watch: Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn…then lead


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