Learn from the Little Guys

Can CEOs learn a thing or two from upstart, young entrepreneurs? Well, according to an article from Chief Executive, yes…absolutely. This article in fact advocates 5 different things CEOs can learn today and put into motion quickly to get their company moving on the cutting edge. What would be some of this advice?

Owens [author of The LeanEnterprise] says, companies need to set up an environment that essentially is a startup, independent of the company providing its seed money. “When doing disruptive innovation, that type of work has to have different rules. There needs to be autonomy and employees need to be compensated with equity. The rules of engagement are different—it’s the Wild West.”

Innovation brings with it challenges, but they are challenges which can be met head on and with it…that change can effectuate great movement in a company. Take a look at the rest of this article and as you give it a read, see what innovations you can put into motion now, today.

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