Boiler Room

Pressure. It comes with the territory. You’re in charge of a business. You’re running it from top to bottom. You are in meeting after meeting…with investors, future investors, potential investors.


There’s no way around it.

So how do you handle it? Do you find your emotions getting the better of you during meetings? As things are heating up, are your own passions heating up and spilling over?

As you know, if you’re meeting with investors then that certainly isn’t a very good thing. You don’t want to offend anyone…you don’t want anyone walking away from the table.

In addition, if you’re meeting with potential investors, well…this could be absolutely disastrous for you. They may see someone who is more guided by their passions and emotions rather than someone who is analytical and composed.

So, what do you do? Well, today we have a helpful article for you that will lay out point by point some very practical things you can do to keep your composure in a meeting. These things range from things you can do before hand, and things you can do in the midst of the meeting. Take a look…these pointers may just be the difference between a future investor working with you or walking away from that table.

Read the full article here: 6 Ways To Find Your Groove In High Stakes Situations

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