What Makes These Businesses A Great Place to Work?

Glassdoor recently released there 50 best places to work. Unsurprisingly, Google was rated as the #1 pick. Why are they number 1? Because they attempt, more than a lot of other companies, to balance out work and life. This is a crucial concern for people these days. With an extra emphasis on personal health, the well-being of the mind, and the pursuit of creative endeavors, people are thinking more and more these days about their place of work. Will their place of work help them reach these pursuits?

This seems to be an honest question, because people tend to see their work at a company as an investment in that company. So it is natural for them to want to know how the company in turn is going to invest in them. This is where google excels. Not only do they provide meals for employees, but there are also plenty of opportunities on the google campus for employees to reach a certain sense of personal accomplishment.

As you reflect on this, as a business leader and CEO, you need to ask the question: How will your business help and invest in your workers today?

The more you invest in them, the more they will invest in your company.

Read the full article here: The Glassdoor 50 Best Places to Work

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