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To meet deadlines as a CAD manager, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. It is critical to know when the project is due, how it needs to be submitted and where it needs to be submitted to. The format is also important to note. Some other things to ask yourself would be if you need any new software for the task or any new human resources, which would include work spaces, training, and resources. Verify the information you need to know and plot your course backwards from the deadline.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CAD Manager needs to become a lot more forthright in terms of the questions he/she asks to deliver a goal.
  • Deadlines are extremely vital to the progress and planning of a project. CAD software can help immensely , however , it does not mean the manager can discard caution.
  • There are several strategies to improve the performance task processes which include working backwards and narrowing project standards.

“There’s an old saying that knowledge is power, and in the case of meeting deadlines it’s absolutely true — especially as new technology seems to cause as many problems as it solves.”

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