22 Quotes to Inspire as You Inspire

One of the great things about being a leader is leaving a lasting legacy behind. To affect the next generation and bring about a real development in their being and character as people make this all worth it.

And whether you know it or not, your people are indeed looking to you to inspire, to impress, to be an example. This is one of the greatest things about being a leader in industry and a CEO of your business.

So how do you go about challenging the next generation? How do you form them and care for them? Well, we have a bit of help for you today with 22 great quotes of inspiration from some of the best mentors, leaders, and innovators in history.

These quotes will not only inspire them, but they will inspire you as well…inspire to strive everyday to lead more and more, innovate more, and challenge more.

To really get things going for you, pick through some of these quotes, find what you consider the best ones that encapsulate the heart and focus of your business, and share them. You can share them in thought, as you speak to one another, or you can share them on the very walls of your break room.  Surround them with inspiration from those of history, and you will find them forging their own history soon enough.

Read the full article here: 22 Quotes to Help Boost Your Mentoring Prowess

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