Never Content in Being First

A great write up today on one Qiu Zhonghai, a revered school principal in Shanghai. He’s not just a principal, but he’s considered a pioneer in the education system and credited with leading one of the top educational system’s in the world.

He has met world leaders, dignitaries, and has been credited with paving the way to new ideologies in education. As one who is so accomplished, you might think that he would be sitting on his laurels, enjoying the accolades in his 60s. But instead, where can you find him? In the beloved school where he served as a principal for 20 years, continuing to encourage and inspire not only students, but teachers as well. He loves what he does, and that love and passion for education brings fuel to his life.

What can we learn from one so accomplished? Perhaps it is in his approach and attitude to life that we find our lesson for the day. Are we content in being first? Are we content in success itself? Or are we being driven by our passion for the industry we work in?

There is a difference, isn’t there? There will be some who simply work to gain a sense of achievement, and when they “arrive” they will sit back and grow complacent. And then there are others who will work and continue to strive in their chosen field because they love what they do; they have a passion for what they do…and that passion will carry them on through the days.

Which will you be today?

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