Peer-to-Peer Recognition And It’s Effect On Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a hard thing to quantify. But, if you have a company that does not shy away from a good challenge, then this is no problem. Having employees that are motivated is a very important thing in the workplace. If everyone has a good attitude, then things tend to work out for the best.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a peer-to-peer bonus system instead of bonuses dependent on a manager’s assessment or individual measurable goals, employees are rewarded by fellow teammates.
  • Bonuses aren’t bonuses if they are expected. Peer-to-peer bonuses are random and unplanned, with ongoing recognition offering continued, smaller motivation.
  • Overall employees seem to be happier and more satisfied with their colleagues because they remember the nice things people have done to help them.

“Employee motivation is hard to quantify, but our company never shies away from a challenge.”

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